12 Best Things To Do In Baja California

Use our comprehensive guide to find the best things to do in Baja California. There is something for every type of tourist in Baja California, from breathtaking beaches to exciting wildlife encounters!

Baja California, with its lush oasis, plethora of marine life, and breathtaking desert panoramas, is one of Mexico’s most popular tourism destinations. With a tradition of secluded cave murals, dilapidated Spanish missions, opulent beach resorts, and mouthwatering seafood, its human past is equally alluring.

You’re in for a treat if you’re considering a visit to this hidden treasure in Mexico. Here are a few of the best things to do in Baja California:

12 Best Things To Do In Baja California

12 Best Things To Do In Baja California

Where is Baja California

Baja California, Mexico, is made up of the two states of Baja California Sur (South) and Baja California Norte (North), which together form the Baja Peninsula on the west coast of the nation.

The Baja California Peninsula, which stretches 750 miles south of the US/Mexico border, is a fantastic international road trip location that is conveniently accessible from the US.

The two biggest airports in Baja California, Mexico, and the ones that most tourists will travel to are Los Cabos International Airport and Tijuana International Airport.

How to Get to Baja California

Tijuana Airport should be used for travel to Baja California, while Los Cabos Airport should be used for travel to Baja California Sur.

Drive across one of the most active border cities in the world, Tijuana, from California. Before making travel plans outside of Tijuana, we advise you to review the most recent travel advisories.

There are two possibilities if you are traveling from Mexico’s mainland: either from Mazatlan or from Topolobambo, which is near Los Mochis. The nighttime Ferry travels to La Paz, taking around eleven hours. A seat or a private cabin can be reserved.

It’s not that regular or dependable between the cities, but renting a car and exploring the area is rather simple.

Things to Do in Baja California Norte

Known as Baja California Norte or just Baja California, this state in northwest Mexico borders California, in the United States.

Although Mexicali serves as the state capital, Tijuana is the most populous city in Baja California Norte. These are the best things to do in Baja California Norte to help you make the most of your trip to Baja California.

1. Enjoy the Night Scene in Tijuana

Playas de Tijuana
Playas de Tijuana

The world’s fifth-largest city in Mexico is an incredibly vibrant and diversified twin to its sister city, San Diego, located north of the border. The world’s most active international crossing, with at least 99,000 people passing through each day, blends the cultures and issues of the North and South.

Tijuana’s uncomfortable location as the meeting point of the north and south, together with a warts-and-all nostalgia for bygone eras, serve as major sources of inspiration.

2. Join Wine Tours at Valle De Guadalupe

The area has gained a lot of recognition recently for Valle De Guadalupe’s laid-back vibe and rural appeal, which draw many tourists from Southern California.

A great substitute for pricey Napa and Sonoma, where costs for lodging, food, and wine tastings have increased dramatically in recent years, is Mexico’s wine country.

In contrast to regions in the north, Baja’s wine area is still reasonably priced for the typical tourist who wants to experience the beverage and take in the scenery.

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3. Visit the Fishing Village of San Felipe

Adventure seekers and foreigners from North America frequent the sleepy fishing community of San Felipe, which is situated by the Sea of Cortez. San Felipe, well-known for its breathtaking desert vistas and off-roading, is the ideal location to experience real Mexican culture.

You may enjoy a more laid-back atmosphere where you can have freshly cooked seafood at local eateries and view the bright, black skies at night, even though you won’t find large chain restaurants or opulent resorts here.

The renowned off-roading event, the Baja 250 race, is held annually at San Felipe. Off-road motorsports and desert trips in sports cars and ATVs draw large crowds of visitors.

4. Stay and Enjoy the Waves at Las Gaviotas

Located in Baja Norte, the town of Las Gaviotas offers a resort-like environment on a beach that faces south. Las Gaviotas is a well-liked destination for people of all ages. The swimming pool and children’s park will be enjoyed by families. The exclusive surfing beach offers surfers reliable waves.

The stunning Pacific Ocean sunsets appear to continue for hours. Great restaurants with French, Italian, and of course the renowned Puerto Nuevo lobster are available nearby in addition to typical Mexican fare.

Every lot is oriented to take full advantage of breezes and ocean vistas. This resort environment has more views of the ocean thanks to the many parks and green areas that are kept up by the community.

5. Travel to El Mirador and La Bufadora

La Bufadora
La Bufadora

La Bufadora appears to be a marine geyser located on Baja California’s Atlantic coast. Wave-driven seawater rushes up through a small aperture in the underwater cavern to create a geyser-like fountain and an amazing water spout.

El Mirador, a breathtaking viewpoint over the west coast of Baja’s cliffs and beach, is located not far from La Bufadora.

Although the camping is rather basic, you really do feel like you are on the edge of the earth, and the views are breathtaking from all directions. Our campsite was El Mirador Camping.

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6. Try the Mount Mazo Volcano Climb

One of best the things to do in San Quintin is spend time at Punta Mazo Natural Reserve. This breathtaking region in the Bay of San Quintin features rocky cliffs, immaculate beaches, and even a swarm of volcanoes!

When the 12 volcanoes that make up the volcanic valley erupted more than 170,000 years ago, what is currently referred to as the Punta Mazo Nature Reserve started to form.

The Sudoeste and Mazo volcanoes particularly sculpted this region. Sand accumulated throughout time due to the influence of ocean currents, creating a singular and amazing area.

Things to Do in Baja California Sur

Baja California Sur, a captivating location offering a combination of natural beauties, cultural treasures, and exciting exploits, lies tucked away at the southern point of the Baja California Peninsula.

Baja California Sur is located at the southern tip of a peninsula, making overland travel to the remaining parts of Mexico a laborious process.

Every day, boats head for the mainland, primarily to Mazatlan, to reduce the journey. A boat ride typically lasts four to five hours. To help you get the most out of your vacation to Baja California, here are the top activities in Baja California Sur.

7. Go to Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur

Every year, many beachgoers, travelers, and divers go to southern Baja California to visit Cabo San Lucas, which is among the most popular resorts in Mexico.

The downtown of Cabo San Lucas is the liveliest place in the area if you’re looking for a holiday full of hedonistic revelry.

The sandfalls in this area are famed for their underwater wonders. Families may paddle in the calm, tranquil waters of the Sea of Cortez, and surfers can test their skills against the waves all day long.

There’s also plenty to do on land, such as exploring galleries, shopping for one-of-a-kind crafts, and taking in the vistas of ancient San Jose del Cabo.

8. Explore Cabo Pulmo National Park

Tucked down at the end of a long, uneven road in the southeast of Baja California Sur sits the dusty tiny village of Cabo Pulmo.

The majority of tourists to the town, including us, come for the underwater world! A highlight of every journey to Baja California Sur is the underwater preserve of Cabo Pulmo National Park, one of Mexico’s greatest natural experiences.

The reef is located in the Sea in Cortez, which is known as “the aquarium of the world” because of its rich marine life.

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9. Discover Espiritu Santo Island

Isla Espiritu Santo Island

Piritu Santo Island was officially designated as a National Park in 2007 and as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.

Its striking natural beauty includes the contrast between the sea and the desert, volcanic rock formations, a large number of unspoiled beaches, and an abundance of native plants and animals.

Numerous sports are available on the island, such as stand-up paddle boarding, hiking on the island’s pathways, kayaking, and sport fishing.Encounter the island’s Glamping camps and don’t forget to arrange your visit with one of their licensed operators to really enjoy the experience.

The boats leave from the La Paz marinas and range in size from little pangas to luxurious yachts. There are tour companies that provide transportation if you’re traveling from Los Cabos, or you may rent a car and go to La Paz alone.

10. Whale Watching at Magdalena Bay

Magdalena Bay stretches more than thirty kilometers along Baja California Sur’s western coast in Mexico. Isla Magdelena and Isla Santa Margarita are hidden sandy barrier islands that shield the bay from the Pacific Ocean. The California gray whales’ annual journey to the bay to give birth to their young is one of the area’s most well-known features.

With its abundance of mangroves, which serve as a haven for many different fish species that nest there, the bay is also a well-liked spot for sport fishing. The little settlement of Lopez Mateos is located in the bay’s northernmost region.

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11. Make your way to Fox Canyo

The lovely Canon de la Zorra swimming hole is located in a gorgeous rocky canyon. Mountains, cacti, and forests encircle this hidden gem on all sides.

A gorgeous swimming hole is created below when a lagoon empties into a waterfall. Visitors come from all around the region to spend time at this lovely location.

You may climb beyond the waterfall if you have extra time to investigate or if you’re feeling very daring. In addition to several hiking paths, there are several swimming pools. To avoid getting lost, just remember where you are going and follow the river!

12. Paddle Boarding at Loreto

Numerous Loreto activities are available to keep you occupied and on the water. Try kayaking or paddle boarding for a soothing yet energetic day. Rent a board from a number of beachside vendors for a relaxed day when you may see a variety of tropical fish along with other marine life.

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